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When Charline, Paulo and Melia left on vacations to France, I've moved into their house in San Francisco. It was the end of 2016, December, streets were empty and cold. I was traveling on my own for a couple of months and getting tired of cruising around without having a place to stay for more then three nights. Traveling so much can be exhausting and their house was of great help, colorful and confortable, it served me as a base for one month, my last month in California. When Charline was living the house with Melia on her arms, squishing herself between the three luggages she was taking with her and the narrow corridor, she told me I should eat everything that was left on the fridge, including the three organic squashes she had harvested from the community garden. I've told her not to worry, I'd cook them. Little did I know that the squashes would cause me a sort of visual inspiration and fascination . The variety of colors, the different textures, the shapes, the sizes, each of them so unique and special! I'd look to the Squashes as if they were sculptures. Play with them, move them to different places of the house and observe, as days passed, the way they changed in color and texture. I left San Francisco without eating the squashes and with a strange taste for weird shapes. 

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