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text messages, wrong locations, two strangers meet on a sea side bicycle ride. first long conversation on movement -''look behind, the car passed too fast, for me it was too close, I think I'm going to fall, can you imagine that?, a bicycle accident in Camps Bay, in our first date? 

My heart accelerates. The car horns, I keep pedaling and pretending I'm not nervous- only because, there's always good music somewhere on the back of this story- & music calms me down. I go back to the sidewalk, I'm behind you. I observe your neck, and the frame of your short hair. Cars  are still passing by, healthy people running, kids playing, leashed dogs following their owners.  I'm following your  back and the curve of your collar. A sunbird flies quickly in front of me, I get distracted, I'm now chasing his metallic green head . I loose you. The bird flies away, I'm alone , a flock of pigeons scares me to death, I want to go home, I get my phone, I type "home". Google maps. Again my phone sends me to wrong locations and I get lost. Beautiful sunsets,  sea weed barriers, mountains of shells, star lovers.  dream talking, cold room, your bed sheets, morning alarms- waking up on the left side of your bed.

My heart has no GPS.

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